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Google Ads Agency

Google Ads agency - your expert for Google Ads setup

More than half of all Internet users consult a search engine at least once a day. In Germany alone, almost 9 out of 10 search queries are on Google. Behind the resulting web traffic are not just simple search queries, but above all potential customers. This is precisely why search engine advertising (SEA) has become an integral part of successful online business. Do you want to start with search engine advertising or do you need help optimizing existing campaigns from a specialized Google Ads agency (formerly Google AdWords agency)? As an SEA agency, Performanceliebe is the right contact when it comes to sophisticated search engine marketing.

Why are we the right people to take care of your Google Ads campaigns: We have been dealing with the optimal design of Google Ads for many years. We have created a large number of successful campaigns for our existing customers. Our specialist knowledge and experience with the various sectors makes us the ideal contact.

How can we as a Google Ads agency help you?

As an expert for PPC campaigns, we offer you advice, analysis, implementation and optimization of Google Ads campaigns (formerly Adwords) in the search and display area as well as on various Google platforms.

We support you with our expertise in the following areas:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Remarketing
  • Bing/Yahoo Ads

We would be happy to explain which Google Ads measures make sense for your company in a non-binding initial meeting. We see ourselves as an experienced, reliable and transparent partner. We take your advertising activities on Google Ads to a whole new level. Contact us and speak to one of our experienced Google Ads experts.

Our services as a Google Ads agency (formerly Google AdWords agency):

Creation of Google Ads campaigns

Before creating suitable Google campaigns, as a reputable PPC agency, we first deal with your previous search engine strategy in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of previous measures and approaches. If you don’t have a search engine strategy yet, we will create one with you.

We then take care of researching search queries that match your product or service. Based on this, we create ad texts that appeal to your target group. In addition, targeting is set up so that the ads are shown to the right user at the right time. You will find that we understand our work as an SEA agency very well.

Campaigns are always created taking into account your business model and the previously defined goals (lead generation, inquiries, downloads, orders, etc.). In doing so, we align your Google Ads campaigns along the customer journey and take into account the meaningful integration and interlinking of marketing measures on other channels.

Trust us as a Google Ads agency (formerly Google AdWords agency) – and benefit from our many years of experience. We are also happy to carry out further measures for off-page SEO for you.

Let us help you with your Google Ads!

Ads agency: Analysis & optimization of Google Ads campaigns

As your ads agency, we help you to achieve long-term success by regularly optimizing your campaigns. The detailed performance analysis is one of the main tasks as an SEA agency in order to continuously optimize keywords and increase the relevance of the advertisement.

At the same time, it is important to optimize costs and distribute the budget correctly across the different formats so that sales or leads can be increased. In doing so, we control according to best-practice approaches and can draw on our many years of experience with customers from a large number of areas.

The optimization work we do as a Google Ads agency also affects other areas. We look at new Google Ads functions and check whether it makes sense to use them in your advertising campaigns. If the latter is the case, we start the careful integration and check after a few weeks whether the integration has improved performance.

Regular optimization also solves another problem that can occur without support. In almost every industry, the market is affected by changes, new market participants enter, new price calculations have to be taken into account or existing competitors change their pricing strategy. All cases can severely affect the efficiency of Google Ads campaigns. Our job as a Google Ads agency is to adapt the campaign accordingly to this change. Changes in the bid strategies or in the maximum click prices can represent possible reactions. But it can also make sense to adapt the text of the various ads.

Our Google Ads experts would be happy to use their expertise profitably for your campaigns? You would like to have your Google Ads campaigns analyzed and optimized – we look forward to your call.