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Pagespeed Optimization

Pagespeed Optimization – Faster website, more conversions

A fast website is equally important for search engines and visitors – both expect a website to load without delay. With page speed optimization, we ensure that your website loads quickly and offers your visitors an optimal website experience. As part of our work, we have already been able to significantly increase the loading speed of many websites.

Why is pagespeed optimization so important?

“Does my website really need to be that fast?” – some entrepreneurs may ask themselves. Our answer to this question is that you can’t afford to have a slow website these days. Finally, long loading times are problematic for several reasons:

“53% of mobile visitors leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load”

– Google

Visitors expect fast websites and are not willing to wait for a website. For the operator, this means that the user may drop out and look for a solution from a competitor. The data evaluations by the CDN service provider Akamai show that almost half of the website visitors leave the website with a loading time of more than three seconds. In most cases, the visitor is then lost forever. The relevance of a fast website is also confirmed by the Google search engine.

The search engines also reward page speed optimization: After all, short loading times ensure a better user experience – and this in turn represents a ranking factor.

By the way: When using a website on the go with a smartphone or tablet, a fast and lean website is particularly important – not least because of the slower Internet speeds and the limited data volume.

Anyone who refrains from making their slow website fast with page speed optimization suffers direct negative economic effects. With the missing or jumping off users, the turnover also dwindles. At this point at the latest it becomes clear why page speed optimization is so important. Other marketing measures such as “buy backlinks” or link building (see also link building agency) also benefit from page speed optimization.

We carry out page speed optimization on your site and ensure that your website loads as quickly as possible.

How to achieve a good website page speed?

A website is a complex interaction of servers, applications, databases, technologies and browsers – as part of page speed optimization, the individual components are ideally coordinated. This ensures low latencies and faster delivery of the website.

In order to be able to determine the success of our optimization, we record the current status quo in advance of the work. “How fast does the website load at the moment” is one of the most important questions. An evaluation with Google’s Page Speed ​​Tool is also carried out.

Our website experts then start optimizing the page speed. We address the following areas of a website, among others:

    • Are all programs and applications used up to date? An outdated PHP version can significantly increase the loading time in this constellation.
    • Is server caching used effectively? With server caching, the web server keeps the website or parts of it available in a cache. The delivery of the website to the user is faster in this way and reduces the server load. As part of the page speed optimization, we check whether the server caching is set up (correctly) or take care of the setup.
    • Minimizing HTTP requests: Every file, every image, every script creates another HTTP request. In the course of page speed optimization, we reduce them. This is done on the one hand by combining files (JS, CSS, HTML) and later loading unimportant files.
    • Optimization of photos and images: Photos and images are often integrated too large – in this case much more data than necessary has to be transferred. We optimize the integration and provide the photos in file formats that are best suited for the respective purpose.
    • CDN – Content Delivery Network: Depending on the website and purpose, it can make sense to use a CDN. These ensure extremely fast delivery of the website or media.

Our page speed optimization extends to many other areas of a website – we would be happy to explain them to you in detail. We are also happy to carry out off-page SEO measures for you.

Pagespeed Optimization

  • Fast webhosting
  • Server-Caching
  • Browser-Chaching
  • Reducing of HHTPS-requests
  • Asynchronic loading
  • Compression
  • Compromised images
  • Reduce plugin usage
  • Reduce external scripts

Let us help you to improve your website page speed!

Page speed optimization WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system, which is used by many companies thanks to its many functions and possibilities. The many functions and expansion options can ensure that performance deteriorates. With a growing number of plugins, the loading time also often increases.

As part of the WordPress page speed optimization, we help your WordPress installation to achieve top loading times. We know WordPress very well and also know how to help even the most sluggish WordPress theme to perform better.

Our page speed optimization WordPress always takes into account the functionality. This means that your WordPress installation will always have the same functionality after the optimization as before. A thorough test after completing the page speed optimization is mandatory for us.

Trust in our many years of experience in page speed optimization – and let us help your website to achieve an excellent loading speed.

Google page speed optimization

With PageSpeed Insights, Google offers a detailed review of the technical performance of its own website – divided into mobile and desktop. As part of the Google page speed optimization, we work through exactly those points where the search engine leader is bothered by your website. The result of the optimization is not only a faster page, but also a positive rating by Google.

Improve website loading time

The page speed optimization improves the website loading time. The improvement not only refers to the subjective impression of a faster loading speed, but also to objective indicators for assessing the loading time.

Over the years, our technicians have accumulated a lot of experience and, with the appropriate tools, can find out where on the website the most loading time can be saved.

When it comes to page speed optimization, we work to achieve the optimal loading time for the website – and we have been extremely successful with our previous customers.