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Opportunities of social media communication in times of crisis

When stationary shops close and many people work from home during the Corona crisis, media use and consumer behavior also change drastically: A current Kantar study recently showed that the use of Facebook increased by 37% after just a few weeks is. Messenger services, Instagram & Co. are also experiencing a strong upswing during this time. Here we explain how companies can adapt to the new circumstances, what opportunities social media communication offers and how the transition to the time after the crisis is going smoothly.

In Times of crisis the use of social media channels increases 

People are primarily looking for the latest news online, but they also want to be distracted and inspired to a certain extent on social media. Above all, it is about encouragement and reinforcement. The “social” in social media is now very important. Companies can also use this opportunity to be there for their community and to offer orientation.
Restrictions in stationary retail are also stimulating online trade: In this context, more and more companies are relying on “social shopping” directly via Instagram or Facebook in order to reach their target groups and generate sales.

Authenticity in social media communication

It is now particularly important for companies to adapt to the current situation, to know the needs of customers and to satisfy them in the best possible way. For social media marketing, this means above all relying on authentic, timely communication that is adapted to the situation. And of course, depending on the objective, social media marketing can also ensure a direct increase in sales and thus compensate for losses in stationary retail.

Agile editorial planning and current news

Many companies have already adjusted their editorial plans and communication and keep their customers and fans up to date with the latest news via Facebook, Instagram & Co. Right now, people use social networks several times a day to get information and chat with friends or family. The platforms are therefore the perfect place to place advertising messages and reach people. However, empathy in communication is now particularly required. In times of crisis, community management also experiences an increased volume of feedback and questions – quick and transparent answers are mandatory!

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