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Context on structured data errors in Search Console

To make it easier for you to identify errors in structured data, more context on error messages will be available in the Search Console starting tomorrow.

For example, if the markup for the Review snippet error on a site doesn’t include the author’s name, Search Console currently reports a Missing field ‘name’ error. As of today, this error reads “name” field is missing (in “author”). The more detailed context in parentheses makes it easier for you to find the errors in your structured data.

This change affects all rich search result status reports in Search Console, the Search Console URL Inspection tool, and the rich search result test, even if you haven’t changed your structured data markup:

  • All your unresolved issues related to nested attributes will be closed automatically, e.g. For example, the Missing field “name” error in the example above.
  • New unresolved issues are displayed with more context on what’s missing. Example of such an error: Missing field “name” (in “author”). To avoid sending too many emails to Search Console users, we don’t send notifications about the creation of these new issues.

Note: If you’ve set Search Console to require corrections to be validated before the change is applied, you’ll need to validate the new errors again.

Summary: This is just a change to the error text. It doesn’t affect how Search Console detects errors, and any errors that are closed are replaced with new errors with additional context in the error text.

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